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Network Optimization

Network optimization is a modern principle needed to be implemented by companies around the world in every industry in order to accelerate business operations and improve productivity, while cutting costs, through different techniques like deduplication, compression and prioritizing data, caching, latency optimization, traffic shaping and others.

WAN Optimization Controllers

WAN optimization, also known as WAN acceleration, has the goal of streamlining the application delivery over the WAN, via a series of technologies (techniques) that accelerate, deduplicate and compress the data sent across the WAN. The technologies encompass specific methods ...

  • IDC Analyst Connection

    The proliferation of mobile devices and cloud-based services used by both customers and employees is redefining the edge of organizations — branch offices, storefronts, remote locations — and the nature of customer engagements at edge locations. Both the volume of data moving between the edge and the datacenter and the types of applications being deployed at the edge are placing ever greater stress on existing networks and IT teams tasked with deploying, protecting, and managing IT assets at edge locations. ...

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  • Hybrid Will Be the New Normal for Next Generation Enterprise WAN

      Public cloud services and mobility are driving business needs where the Internet and MPLS play an equally important role for enterprise connectivity. Network planners must establish a unified WAN with strong integration between these two networks to avoid application performance problems. Key Challenges The Internet is increasingly becoming critical to enterprise connectivity, but there remains confusion regarding the role of the Internet in the enterprise WAN architecture. Internet and Multiprotocol Label Switching ...

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  • Powering the Hybrid Enterprise

      Get informed, take control - download the white paper If you’re like the majority of today’s IT professionals, your infrastructure will be increasingly hybrid in nature. As such, you’ll be faced with greater complexity than ever before. And with increased complexity comes reduced agility, lower visibility and higher costs. It’s time to gain control of the hybrid enterprise. Download CIO’s Powering the Hybrid Enterprise white paper to discover: Why the future will inevitably be hybrid The key issues faced ...

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  • Webinar: Zero Branch IT

    Summary Watch the replay of our webcast event to rethink branch IT with industry experts who discussed the challenges, successes, opportunities, and best-practices in achieving maximum productivity at today’s branch offices. Half of a company’s intellectual property—over 50% of its data—is at risk at branch and remote offices where servers and storage space are often at a premium. Valuable company data is left unprotected and open to compromise and data breach. Branch-based data backup and recovery processes are notoriously slow ...

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  • Webinar

      The Evolving State of Applications in Today's Hybrid Enterprise: How IT is More Critical to the Business Than Ever   Summary Applications are the life of any enterprise and key enablers of workforce productivity and business agility. But, the application landscape is changing rapidly - the number and type of applications is increasing, the move to cloud and SaaS for application delivery is growing, bandwidth costs are decreasing and the reliability of the Internet has improved. Inevitably, there are also changes in network and infrastructure ...

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