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Three seconds is all it takes for visitors to abandon a web page.

Application Delivery Controllers 2015 April 02 0 comments

Take charge of your site's performance and Read 2015 State of the Union

There are compelling reasons why companies – particularly online retailers – should care about serving faster pages. Shoppers expect a speedy online experience. When websites are slow, every business metric suffers – from page views and bounce rate to conversions and revenue.

Three seconds is all it takes for visitors to abandon a page if not loaded quickly enough. Whether your goal is to convert browsers into buyers or ensure that content is served to as many as possible, your eye should be on this.

Yet the average ecommerce site doesn’t meet this demand. Despite faster networks and devices, our latest research found that only 14% of the top 100 retail sites rendered feature content within this acceptable threshold.

The good news is that there are opportunities for every site - even those that are already relatively fast - to fine-tune performance by taking a more aggressive approach to front-end optimization. In a world where every second counts, learn how to take charge of your website’s performance.

Read 2015 State of the Union: Ecommerce Page Speed & Web Performance report for:

Valuable insights from analyzing top 100 retail websites, including what factors contribute to changes in web speed

14 best practices and performance techniques site owners can leverage to optimize and accelerate page load times


Case study about the "performance comeback" of two of the largest eRetailers that demonstrates the value of implementing optimization techniques to decrease load times of web pages

Reasons why faster networks and devices are not a performance cure-all

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