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Application Performance Monitoring


Application Performance Monitoring (Application Performance Management) – APM - assesses and monitors the performance of software applications. Being given that applications depend on many factors – network performance, network devices, servers and operating systems -, a successful application performance management has to address company-wide application dependencies, perform end-user experience monitoring in real-time, and get a true picture of outages or infrastructure changes.

User Benefits

The users should immediately benefit of the advantages provided by such a solution:

  •  Improved response times for applications across the WAN
  • Reduced downtimes due to network and services outages

Business Impact

The APM solutions have a major business impact on the organization IT systems performance

  • Monitor a wide variety of applications in an easy, cost-effective way
  • Minimize the impact and duration of service outages
  • Behavioral analytics allows a pro-active approach to issues
  • Assess application and network performance from the user’s point of view
  •  In-depth analysis of the traffic at both LAN and WAN levels
  • Measure performance in both optimized and non-optimized environments
  • Quantify the benefits of deplying new solutions in the network by utilizing before-after analysis.

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