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Network Traffic Visibility and Analytics


Traffic Visibility Networking contains specific solutions for enterprises, data centers and service providers that empower infrastructure architects, managers and operators with unmatched visibility into the traffic traversing both physical and virtual networks without affecting the performance or stability of the production environment.

User benefits

The people that are impacted in a very proficient way are in this technology case all operations departments members (security, data-recording, voice-recording, application performance monitoring), IT staff, executive management.

They get secure access to critical data in a revolutionary way at a fraction of the cost through:

·         Aggregation, replication and filtering

·         Centralized access and patented mapping technology that enables quick and easy connection of new tools or monitoring new applications without disturbing existing monitoring connections

·         Authorized-only permission to capture or see data; the system notifies when tools are plugged in or unplugged

Business Impact

The Traffic Visibility Network is a combination of out-of-band data access switching plus passive monitoring instrumentation to enable required security, compliance, forensics review, application performance, VoIP QoS, uptime and other network management tasks. Data is acquired from multiple SPAN ports or TAPs and multicast to multiple tools, aggregated to a few consolidated tools, and filtered or divided across many instances of the same tools.

The Traffic Visibility Network may be thought of as a "data socket" providing immediate access for ad‑hoc tool deployment without impact to the production network and outside of the scope of configuration management policies. These data access switches accommodate the growing number of network monitoring tools and network security tools.

The benefits of the technology:

·         Filters out unwanted data, significantly improving tool efficiency and effectiveness

·         Reduces and/or eliminate configuration management and potentially lengthy change order approval processes

·         Secures monitored data for security, compliance and optimal performance

Products supporting this technology

Entuity Gigamon IXIA
  • manufacturer