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Internet of Things - Gain business insights at the intelligent edge from your connected enterprise

Security Event Management / Logging 2017 January 03 0 comments

Unprecedented Efficiencies and Innovation

The rapid expansion of connected devices presents a unique opportunity to grow your business. The Internet of Things offers new ways to engage customers, develop new business models and greater insights at the intelligent edge. Now is the moment to capitalize on loT.

Thrive in the Idea Economy

The rise of the IoT is giving businesses a choice: innovate, or be left behind. But to take full advantage of the power of the IoT, you need to integrate heterogeneous technologies across multiple environments. Discover how HPE connects data, people, and processes through open, flexible technologies and services, to drive insight and reduce risk.

Real-time Decision-making and Control at the Edge

Accelerate IoT insights with edge computing. As organizations add more devices and need faster insights, edge computing streamlines decision making, and makes the promise of real-time analytics and insights more

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