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Mid Range and High-End Modular Disk Arrays


Mid Range and High-End Modular Disk Arrays prepresent the external controller based redundant array of independent disk storage solutions that support general purpose storage requirements: automated QoS and data deduplication, thin provisioning, intelligent power management capabilities, storage tiering and high-density storage. It supports block access protocols and do not provide mainframe support.

User Benefits

A fast and well managed storage system can boost performance for users and applications by using different features and capabilities like automated storage tiering, deduplication, compression.

Business Impact

Over the last years data storage requirements have grown at an exponential rate and all technologies like deduplication and compression that reduce the need of storage space and the back-up window become critical for any organization.

Mid Range and High-End Modular Disk Arrays solutions provide a better operational efficiency for the storage infrastructure due to the variety of features that they provide. Organization can benefit from automated storage tiering, remote replication, compression and thin provisioning.

Automated tiered storage means that critical data, moving data, data intended for restoration are kept on high speed media while financial data can be stored on less expensive media. This process is user independent.

Deduplication enables companies and organizations to store more data in the same storage array for less money which means less money spend on storage capacity.

Using the above features and many other, tiered storage provides a way to reduce IT infrastructure costs, meet application service levels and simplify storage management.


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