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Storage Resource Management


Storage resource management (SRM) is the process of optimizing the efficiency and speed with which the available drive space is utilized in a storage area network (SAN). It enables customers to manage their shared-storage environment

Functions of an SRM program include data storage, data collection, data backup, data recovery, SAN performance analysis, storage virtualization, storage provisioning, forecasting of future needs, maintenance of activity logs, user authentication, protection from hackers and worms, and management of network expansion.
A SRM solution may be offered as a stand-alone product, or as part of an integrated program suite.

User Benefits

Users will fell an increase in performance due to the fact that fast moving data are stored on high speed hardware. They will also benefit of the same performance in case that a migration program occurs. Some solutions permit data migration and storage tiering to be user transparent.

Business Impact

For an organization, the main source of costs is represented by the administrative tasks, planned and unplanned downtime, hardware management, back-up and restore operations while the purchase of new storage space represents only 20% of the TCO.

Why to spend resources for additional storage space when, with a good management, storage virtualization and performance analysis tools the acquisition of a new storage can be postponed.

The optimized management processes and reporting capabilities are other important benefits for any organization. It allows to forecast the future storage needs and to issue detailed reports about applications, virtualized systems and storage utilization.

Back-up and recovery planning are an important part from the life on an organization. It can make a market difference due to the fact that, in case of a disaster or a virus outbreak, a company can be up and running in the shortest possible time.  

All of this translates in lower costs, better management and resources utilization and provides organizations the possibility to build a better storage strategy to fulfill the future need of growth and development.


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