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Network IPS


The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a network device which automates the process of intrusion detection (network monitoring and analysis for security incidents), with the purposes of automatically discovering malicious or unwanted behaviour and being able to react respectively.

User Benefits

The user benefits can  grouped in two main areas:

  • Monitoring the internal network – (new) users, (new) network services, unwanted traffic or malicious activities
  • Responding to security events by blocking attempts of malicious traffic and unwanted behaviour.


Business Impact

Depending on the response mechanism, we can deploy: 

  • IPS as monitoring devices – discover and report any new, unwanted or malicious traffic or users in the network and eventually report only.
  • IPS as inline blocking security , which can block unwanted or malicious traffic – here the assumption of blocking also legitimate traffic has to be taken into acccount. Consequently, if deployed in blocking mode, the deployment process could potentially harm the business productivity.

Products supporting this technology

McAfee Micro Focus
  • manufacturer
  • Gigabit Interfaces
  • 10 Gigabit Interfaces
  • Performance throughput