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We offer a wide range of certified trainings, for a wide range of specialists in Data Encryption, Device Control, DLP, ePO& VirusScan, Firewall Enterprise, Network Security Platforms. Our partners are leading vendors such as: McAfee, Imperva and RSA.

McAfee (online training only for Registered Partners)
Technical Professionals Pre-requisites

Technical Professional: Data Protection (Data Encryption)

Technical Professional: Data Protection (Device Control/DLP)

Technical Professional: System Security (ePO & VirusScan)

Technical Professional: System Security (McAfee NAC)

Technical Professional: Web & Email Security (McAfee Email Gateway)

Technical Professional: Network Defense (Firewall Enterprise)

Technical Professional: Network Defense (Network Security Platform)

Technical Professional: Risk & Compliance (Vulnerability Manager)

Technical Professionals 201 Exam

Technical Professional: Data Protection

Technical Professional: System Security

Technical Professional: Web & Email Security

Sales Professionals Certifications

Sales Professional: Data Protection

Sales Professional: Network Defense

Sales Professional: Risk & Compliance

Sales Professional: System Security

Sales Professional: Web & Email Security

Sales (online training only for Partners)

Getting Started with the PRM Connect Tool

Introduction to Selling Data Loss Prevention Services

Introduction to Selling RSA Acces Manager

Introduction to Selling RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite

Introduction to Selling RSA Digital Certificate Solutions

Introduction to Selling RSA enVision

Introduction to Selling RSA Key Manager for Application Encryption

Introduction to Selling RSA Key Manager for Data Center Assessement

Introduction to Selling RSA SecurID

Introduction to Selling RSA SecurID 800 Hybrid Authenticator

Introduction to the Authentication Marketplace

Introduction to the Data Security Marketplace

Introduction to the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Marketplace

RSA Authentication Manager v6.1 to 7.1 Data Migration

RSA Lead Management for RSA SecurWorld Partners


Advanced Technical Selling for RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite (online training only for Partners)

Advanced Technical Selling for RSA envision (online training only for Partners)

Advanced Technical Selling for RSA SecurID (online training only for Partners)

RSA Data Loss Prevention Product Fundamentals (Instructor-Led)

RSA enVision Product Fundamentals (Instructor-Led)

RSA SecurID Product Fundamentals (Instructor-Led)

Imperva Kerio (online courses for certifications/only for partners)

SecureSphere Administration (ADMIN)

Web Application Firewall (ADMIN + WAF)

Database Security & Compliance (ADMIN + DBsec)

Web & Database Series (ADMIN + WAF + DBsec)

Kerio Certified Sales Professional

Kerio Certified Technician

Riverbed (Instructor-Led)

Steelhead Appliance Deployment & Management

Steelhead Mobile Installation & Configuration

Steelhead Appliance Operation & L1/L2 Troubleshooting (eLearning)

Central Management Console Configuration & Operations

Interceptor Appliance Installation & Configuration

Steelhead Appliance Advanced Deployment & Troubleshooting

Cascade Configuration & Operations

Cyber-Ark Qualys (Instructor-Led)

Securing and managing privileged, super-user and administrative passwords (Enterprise Password Vault)

Protecting and controlling hard-coded application passwords (Enterprise Password Vault)

Sharing highly sensitive data with partners across the enterprise (Inter-Business Vault)

Securing restricted files within the enterprise (Sensitive Document Vault)

Advance Vulnerability Management and Web Application Scanning 2.0

QualysGuard Policy Compliance and Web Application Scanning

QualysGuard Update and Refresher - QSC

QualysGuard Vulnerability Management