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Data Centric Security

Focuses on the security of the data itself rather than the security of networks, servers or applications.

The scope of data-centric security is to protect data at the source, using all the security concepts that have evolved over time and apply them for data protection purposes.

Common processes

in a data-centric security model include:

Discovery and Classification

The ability to know what data is stored and where; after discovery, all data must be classified- an effective data classification must be automatic and based on specific rules relevant to the data and their flow.

The ability to defend against data loss or unauthorized use of data and prevent sensitive data from being sent to unauthorized users or locations.

The ability to define access policies that will determine whether certain data is accessible, editable, or blocked from certain users or locations. Identity and access management (IAM) is essential for data security. The identity of a user, along with information about their device, application, service, network location, and so on, can help ensure that data access is granted strictly on a need-to-know basis.
Governance and Compliance

The ability to permanent monitor the data usage to identify significant deviations from normal behavior that would indicate a possible malicious intent.

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