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Endpoint Security | ProVision
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Endpoint security protects desktops, laptops, servers, and fixed-function devices from malicious internal and external threats which can include malware and non-malware attacks, attempt to steal data, destroy infrastructures, or cause financial damage.


Traditional antivirus software was developed to prevent and detect known malware attacks. It is one aspect of the overall strategy of endpoint security. Today, that is not enough, even when there are several different solutions in place.


Endpoint security comprises the entire strategy and technology stack required to protect endpoints from threats and attacks, while antivirus software protects a computer or device from malware. Endpoint security is not just prevention, but also detection and response. It’s not reactive, it’s predictive.


To combat the advanced threats of today, modern endpoint security requires new approaches, delivered on an integrated endpoint security platform with other advanced security technologies and services such as endpoint detection and response, incident reporting, threat hunting, and predictive analytics, up to morphing the process structures of an application running, making the memory constantly unpredictable to attackers.

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