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Identity Access Management | ProVision
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Strong identification, strong authentication, appropriate rights/access become key elements in any Information Technology infrastructure. The organizations must ensure that appropriate controls are in place so that the username actions can be traced back to a specific individual (strong identity), that the system can be sure that the user is the one she/he claims to be (strong authentication) and that the user is able to access data (“need-to-know” principle) and systems (“least privilege” principle) only with the appropriate permissions and rights. These technologies must wrap both internal (ordinary users and administrators) and external (customers and partners/contractors) interactions with organization’s entities. In the same time with an increased degree of protection, appropriate and effective implementation of Identity security controls will undoubtedly expedite your compliance efforts.


In this context, the Identity and Access Management technologies and solutions are fundamental for any Security Strategy and ProVision built its portfolio with products and services that cover Identity Management and Governance, multi-factor authentication, privileged access management, Single-Sign On, granular resources access, cryptographic protection, API security and directory management.

By providing leading IAM solutions and experience-based professional services, ProVision is assisting organization in shielding its core data and systems. With a carefully planned approach, our experts will assist you in each step of your security and identity struggles including consultancy, solution selection, analysis, installation, configuration, testing, documentation and training.

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