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Policy Management

Tools for patch and configuration management, policy audit and compliance.

The main objective of a patch management program is to create a consistently configured environment that is secure against known vulnerabilities in operating system and application software. Managing updates for all the applications and operating system versions used in a small company is fairly complicated, and the situation only becomes more complex when additional platforms, availability requirements, and remote offices and workers are factored in.

Just as each organization has unique technology needs, successful patch management programs will vary in design and implementation. However, there are some key issues that should be addressed and included in all patch management efforts:


 Security and Patch Information Sources

Patch Prioritization and Scheduling

Patch Testing

Change Management

Patch Installation and Deployment

Audit and Assessment

Consistency and Compliance


The solutions help you to quickly assess patch deployment progress, monitor critical security configurations, and report consistently and accurately against key industry mandates and internal policies across your entire infrastructure or on specific systems.