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The Evolution of Critical Infrastructure Protection

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    Despite the expanded focus on risk reduction – including advanced technology implementation, employee training, and the adoption of enforceable industry and federal security regulations such as NRC, NERC-CIP and HIPAA, attacks targeting critical infrastructure sectors continue to accelerate in both complexity and frequency.

    Within critical infrastructure sectors, cyber risk is most commonly amplified by:

    • Flawed IT/OT integrations
    • Complexities of legacy SCADA systems
    • Lack of asset visibility
    • Insufficient number of skilled workers
    • Ineffective people, process and technology policies
    • Inadequate or unenforced remote worker and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies

    In far too many situations, more than one of these vulnerabilities is present, threatening the systems that inherently run our day-to-day lives.


    Download now your Guide to Critical Infrastructure Protection for understanding the processes and technologies essential to managing modern-day cybersecurity.

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