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E-mail Encryption | ProVision
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What is E-mail Encryption technology?

E-mail encryption is encryption of email messages to protect the content from being read by entities other than the intended recipients.


To have a clear view, we list following challenges related to end-to-end email encryption systems:


E2e email encryption has been achieved in different ways. However, existing ways (S/MIME and PGP).

Metadata protection

Is a requirement related to user privacy since metadata of emails could leak sensitive data to third parties.

Key loss mitigation

Is a requirement that aims to reduce damage when a long term secret key is revealed.

Spam and phishing mail detection over encrypted email

The traditional server side spam filter does work since the server should not be able to get user email in clear text. On the other side, the client side spam filter would be a burden for users.

Secure webmail

Is the requirement to support e2e email encryption in webmail. This could be done by installing plug-ins into web browsers. However, the challenge is how a user can verify whether the plug-in or dynamically shipped code is secure and authentic.

How can this technology help you?

Provide an end-to-end encrypted email solution for all our sensitive communications as part of a wider modernization program.


It delivered great usability and transparency in a matter of days, at a low overall cost of operation.

One solution for PC, web, mobile, cloud, applications, and automation.


Enables encryption without retaining any messages or keys, making it an essential tool for privacy compliance. Transitioning to cloud-based Office 365 is top of mind for most organizations, large and small, and so are email security concerns. Our new “Peace of Mind in the Cloud” eBook examines the security issues associated with email and cloud-based office applications. Integrates with existing email workflows for a simple user experience. Allows us to have flexible and secure e-mail communication internally and externally. It is easy to introduce to a customer who lacks the infrastructure and encryption. It is very simple for them to read encrypted messages without the need for the IT department’s help.


End-to-end email security

Ensure internal and external email encryption from the originator to the intended recipient with this complete email security solution.


Enables decryption on desktop, web, and mobile for internal and external users via its scanning and filtering capabilities.

Data privacy

Secures sensitive data contained in internal emails, on company-issued equipment, and on mobile devices to ensure email security.

Branding and customization

Easily configure SecureMail with its customized user experience and administrative options.

Enhance Office 365 email security & privacy

Adds end-to-end email encryption to Office 365, flexible deployment options, and additional compliance and collaboration features.

No software required

Business users can initiate secure messages with the click of a button – no need for recipients to download software to read them.

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