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What are Data Privacy Tools?

Data privacy includes policies and processes that dictate how your organisation collects, shares, and uses data.


To ensure data privacy compliance, companies should implement operating procedures that maintain data privacy, educate their workforce, and add access control measures around personal data


Collect and store a huge amount of Personal Information

To reduce data privacy risks, an organization should only collect personal data that it really needs and store it only if it needs it for future use.

Use of Personal Data for an unauthorized purpose

When collecting personal data, companies should be transparent about what data will be collected and how it will be used.

Implement procedures regarding the Access to Personal Data

The access to applications, systems, and specific data records that contain personal data should be restricted to those with a true need for the data.

Vulnerable applications

When applications are not secured, the personal data is at risk to be stolen or breached.

Implement processes for Deleting Personal Data

Some regulations, such as GDPR, require companies to have procedures to delete personal data upon request.

Incident responses around Personal Data Loss

Some regulations, such as GDPR, require companies to inform people when their personal data has been stolen or accessed by unauthorized people.

Assure transparency regarding Data collection and use

Data privacy regulations often require clear information about what personal data is collected and how the personal data is used. Some regulations, such as GDPR, require companies to disclose all stored personal data about a person if that person requests that information.

Secure Data Transfers

Personal data should be secured at all times, including when it is being transported from one system to another.

Transparent sharing of Data with Third Parties

When collecting personal data, a company should specify how that data will be used, including with whom that data will be shared.

How can Data Privacy Tools help you?

Ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all Personal Data create, receive, stored or transferred;

Identifies and protects against threats to the security or integrity of the Personal Data

Protects against unauthorised uses or disclosures

Enables organisations to respond efficiently to incidents and to inform people within the legal deadline, otherwise they will be exposed to compliance violations and potential fines.

Enables organisations to respond to Data Subject Requests in a timely and complete manner, to avoid compliance violations.


Prevent breaches and corporate data leaks

Maintain and improve brand value

Meet compliance requirements

Maintain public, investor and customer trust.

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