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Application Security Testing | ProVision
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What is Application Security Testing technology?

Application Security Testing solutions are adapting to Agile and DevOps methodologies by integrating deeply into the SDLC, addressing newer and more complex applications, incorporating machine-learning into their offerings to filter out false positives, and providing software composition analysis of third party and open source code.


Hacker-powered security is undergoing rapid expansion, not just among the tech fast movers, but among government, e-commerce, retail, and gaming companies.


Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing (SAST / DAST) are application testing solutions. SAST tools are typically used early in the SDLC to test byte code and source code for vulnerabilities. DAST testing happens when applications are running, and they are designed to work inside an application and detect vulnerabilities.


Inconsistent demand


Need for a quick response

Available security experts are few

Tools alone are not enough

How can this technology help you?

Static and dynamic testing can help assess specific risks; developers should check for insecure code directly in their workflows. With the right tools and resources, it is possible to design secure architectures and create secure code that doesn’t impact the user experience or slow down development.


Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in source, binary, or byte code

Review static analysis scan results in real-time with access to recommendations, line-of-code navigation to find vulnerabilities faster and collaborative auditing.

Fully integrated with the Integrated Developer Environment (IDE)

Tests functional app, so unlike SAST, is not language constrained and runtime and environment-related issues can be discovered

Dynamic analysis enables a broader approach to manage portfolio risk (1000s of applications) and may scan legacy apps as part of risk management

Can be integrated into Dev, QA and Production to offer a continuous holistic view

Provides a comprehensive view of application security by focusing on what’s exploitable and covering all components (server, custom code, open source, services)

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