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What is Advanced Malware Protection Technology?

What is Advanced Malware Protection Technology?

Advanced malware protection technology is designed to prevent, detect, and help remove threats in an efficient manner from computer systems. Threats can take the form of software viruses and other malware such as ransomware, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and fileless malware.


In order for an adversary from cybersecurity space to make any kind of damage, such as stealing data, installing a backdoor, or deleting sensitive materials, they must run malicious or unauthorized code on a target’s computer or server.


Regardless of the chosen attack vector or surface, a cyber-attack is almost always the result of a piece of code running in memory. Therefore, a key factor for mitigating cyber-attacks is to identify the core of all attacks: malicious code.

How can this technology help you?

By deeply analyzing the actual binary code, whether on disk or in-memory, Advanced Malware Protection solutions allows to detect modern and sophisticated threats, while providing deep context on how to properly respond to incidents.


Malware Analysis products provide a secure environment to test, replay, characterize, and document advanced malicious activities. They show the cyber-attack lifecycle, from the initial exploit and malware execution path to callback destinations and follow-on binary download attempts.


Some of the solutions offer an embedded MITRE ATT&CK Matrix, which gives analysts the context they need to address advanced threats, and they include playbooks with easily adaptable workflows and integrations with minimal maintenance.

The result of the analysis is often in a graphical form, which display the behavior of a sample.

They show processes, IPs, domains, dropped files as well as behavior signatures in a connected graph.

The graph coloring is very simple and intuitive while the format is clean and well structured.

Depending on solution capabilities, the result of the analysis can also detect the malware family, description, signatures, metadata and much more information which can be used understand the nature of the attack and how to mitigate it.

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