Mobile Application Security Testing
Mobile Application Security Testing
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Mobile Application Security testing – MAST is an enterprise-grade, unified platform that binds Security with DevOps cultures, unique and dedicated analysis for iOS and Android applications as well as for backend services, ensuring security is an integral part of the application development process.


Mobile applications are quickly becoming the primary way consumers interact with businesses. Building a secure app is critical to maintaining trust, safeguarding your revenue and protecting your brand. By enabling automated, self-defending security tools, you can ensure that your apps stand up against growing external threats, such as hacking attacks. Hardening your apps is a development best practice.

How can this technology help you?

Protect Data and Intellectual Property – are actively utilized by organizations in the most stringent, regulated markets, such as finance and healthcare. Some of the biggest banking brands, mobile payment providers and media firms rely to prevent cyber attacks.


Automated, intelligent security solutions will ensure that your application meets the security requirements of data regulations such as PSD2, GDPR and the New York SHIELD Act. Protect valuable app secrets, cryptographic keys and your brand’s reputation.


Code Protection

Deter and confuse hackers with a patented, intelligent and automated toolkit that’s been proven in the toughest markets.


Protect any algorithm and build secure cryptographic architectures – all while maintaining control of your keys.

App Shield

Inject powerful protection into your Android and iOS app without changing your code or affecting software functionality.

Ease of Automation

Integrates with SDLC tools, IDEs, bug tracking systems, and CI servers – making it easy to deploy and integrate into your systems.

Increase Awareness in Your Organization

It initiates application security awareness even before writing a single line of code.

Built To Address Your Organization’s Needs

Provides a full scope of options, including private cloud and on-premises solutions. Allowing a range of implementation options ensures customers can start securing their code immediately, rather than going through long processes of adapting their infrastructure to a single implementation method.

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