Threat Detection and Analysis | Threat Intelligence | ProVision
Threat Detection and Analysis | Threat Intelligence | ProVision
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What is Threat Intelligence technology?

What is Threat Intelligence technology?

Threat intelligence is knowledge that allows you to prevent or mitigate cyberattacks. Rooted in data, threat intelligence gives you context that helps you make informed decisions about your security by answering questions like who is attacking you, what their motivations and capabilities are, and what indicators of compromise in your systems to look for.


Today, the cybersecurity industry faces numerous challenges — increasingly persistent and devious threat actors, a daily flood of data full of extraneous information and false alarms across multiple, unconnected security systems, and a serious shortage of skilled professionals.

How can this technology help you?

Automatically identifying and dismissing false positives

Enriching alerts with real-time context, like custom risk scores

Comparing information from internal and external sources

Detect actions that are more likely to be innocuous rather than malicious

Identify attacks that are not relevant to that enterprise

Payment fraud

Monitoring sources like criminal communities, paste sites, and other forums for relevant payment card numbers, bank identifier numbers, or specific references to financial institutions can provide early warning of upcoming attacks that might affect your organization.

Compromised data

Cybercriminals regularly upload massive caches of usernames and passwords to paste sites and the dark web, or make them available for sale on underground marketplaces. Monitor these sources with threat intelligence to watch out for leaked credentials, corporate data, or proprietary code.


Reduce costs by identifying the data breaches and mitigate them quickly

Improve the efficiency of your security team

Lowering Risks

Avoid data breach

Collaborative Knowledge

In-depth cyber threat Analysis

Integrate threat intelligence into the enterprise

Participate in the broader intelligence community

Gather relevant intelligence

Empower analysts

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