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Network & Infrastructure Security  |  ATP

Advanced Threat Protection  

Offers integrated solutions, including endpoint, network, email, & malware defense, to provide real-time network visibility, threat context, & data awareness to security organizations, enabling them to prevent attacks


Organizations face a barrage of attacks by threat actors driven by a variety of motives, including profit, ideology/hacktivism, or even organizational discontent.


Attackers’ tactics continue to evolve, and traditional security solutions like Intrusion Prevention Systems ( IPS ) and Firewalls have not been able to keep pace and effectively protect organizations against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) attack types. These attacks are highly targeted at a specific resource or user and often times, receive direction and support from established nation states.


Like other attackers, APT groups try to steal data, disrupt operations or destroy infrastructure, yet unlike most cyber criminals, APT attackers pursue their objectives over months or years. They adapt to cyber defences and frequently retarget the same victim.


Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) refers to a category of security solutions that defend against these APT attacks.


To prevent intrusions, malware and command-and-control at each stage of the attack lifecycle, ATP solutions use dynamic, real-time analysis to detect known and unknown threats. The solutions identify suspicious files, extracts and submits them for analysis in a controlled environment executing the program and monitoring for malicious behaviour.


Threat detection is based on observing malicious behaviours first-hand to eliminate doubts about the intention of malware.


This behaviour-based approach results in high fidelity and actionable results, with minimal false positives.

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