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Cloud Security   /

Cloud Access Security Broker  (CASB)

CASB software sits

between the users of cloud services and cloud service providers, either on-premises or in the cloud

CASB software enforces enterprise security policies

such as authentication, authorization, encryption and tokenization.

CASBs typically offer the following:


to identify malware and prevent it from entering the enterprise network.


to checks users’ credentials and ensure they only access appropriate company resources.

Web application firewalls (WAFs)

to thwart malware designed to breach security at the application level, rather than at the network level.

Data loss prevention (DLP)

to ensure that users cannot transmit sensitive information outside of the corporation.

Why is a Cloud Access Security Broker used?

To find, screen, and secure shadow IT

Using a CASB solution provides the level of visibility and control that IT managers need to keep data secure.

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to find out what CASB solution is right for your needs.