ProVision | Defense & Security controls
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Defense & Security controls

Threats protection

Into an environment where threats are becoming ever more sophisticated, protecting your data and systems is increasingly complex.


It’s important to understand that the threat is constant. Even if you’ve never experienced an attack, your servers are perpetually being scanned by hackers for vulnerabilities — and the damage can be fatal to your business. It can affect your bottom line, as well as your business’ standing and consumer trust.

The impact of a security breach can be broadly divided into three categories: financial, reputational and legal.


Defending your organization requires comprehensive security policies and controls, as well as skillful implementation of the correct security solution.


We have developed an exclusive group of security partners that offer proven solutions to address your needs, helping you manage threats, mitigate risk, achieve compliance and attain operational efficiencies.

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We help you choose the right technologies for your specific needs through:

Technology Counseling

Our experience in security information area gives us the power to identify the right technologies for your environment to help you meet your business, compliance and security goals.

Trained and Certified Experts

Certifications attest that our team is able to help you understand how technologies will be implemented and integrated into your environment.

Product Implementation and Support

Our team of certified security engineers is involved in designing, architecting and implementing IT operational and security solutions being able to deliver support services on a 24/7/365 basis.


Endpoint Security

Security Controls that protects the end-point device, including PC’s Tablet’s and mobile phones.

Data Security

Security Controls that prevents data loss and control the data flow throughout the entire life cycle: data in rest, in motion and in use.

Database security

Security Controls that protects the database.

Network Security

Security Controls that secure everything from the perimeter to the desktop from the mobile devices to the cloud and datacenters.

Application Security and Performance

Security Controls that detect and prevent attacks on the applications.

User protection and provisioning

Security Controls that manage user access, the ID’s, the data governance in order to prevent against insider threats, controls sensitive information and limit user errors.

Cloud Security

Security Controls that manage, secure and control cloud usage.