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Digital Risks Solutions | ProVision
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Digital Risk

The context

Is your organization becoming increasingly dependent on technology?

If so, your organization is also becoming vulnerable to certain digital threats and risks. As a result, you need to create digital risk strategies to best manage these challenges.


Today, management is aggressively adopting new technologies to drive growth. However, with technological advancement, an organization needs to identify and address risks.


Digital risk is an essential part of business management. It’s focused on the threats and risks for enterprise information and the underlying IT systems processing them as they are implementing the full set of business processes.

What is Digital Risk?

Today, organizations around the world are looking to embrace the latest technologies so that they can remain competitive in the global economy. Consequentially, these organizations are exposing themselves to more digital risk.


We can simply define “digital risk” as the consequences of adopting new technologies. These consequences are new and unexpected. Managing digital risk means that you understand the implications of adopting certain technologies—in other words, adopting technologies in a way that lowers digital risk within your organizations.


Digital risk refers to unwanted—and often unexpected—outcomes stemming from digital transformation and the adoption of related technologies. Cybersecurity risk, third-party risk, business continuity risk, data privacy risk and other forms of digital risk add to the uncertainty of achieving business objectives.

Types of Digital Risk

We can classify digital risks as cybersecurity risk, workforce risk, compliance risk, third-party risk, automation risk, resiliency risk, and data privacy risk. Moreover, these risks are not found in one single industry. For example, they can be seen from healthcare to financial services.


Provision has as main focused area for digital risk all the risks coming from API management, messaging platforms and phishing (email and web).

Every company’s challenges

Lack of visiblity – without discovery solutions in place the companies are unable to identify their digital assets (websites, domains etc), APIs (onpremise and cloud), data transfers and users activities over messaging platforms or PII data for compliance reasons.

Phishing attacks and impersonation attempts are increasing year over year and without a proper solution able to detect impersonation a company is prone to ransomware, malware or leaked data incidents.

Most of APIs have very broad permissions into the application upstream and this makes the authentication process very easy for the attackers.

Most of APIs provide very limited visibility regarding ports they use or their architecture.

APIs incorporate headers, URIs, methods, parameters which can be used in injection attacks or parameter tampering attacks.

Most of enterprise messaging platforms lack granular control over file transfer, desktop sharing and meeting participants.

Most of enterprise messaging platforms lack malware detection and protection for attacks with infected files or links.

The Solution

We are offering end-to-end management and security tools for cybersecurity risk, third-party risk, business continuity risk, data privacy risk and other forms of digital risk add to the uncertainty of achieving business objectives.

We’ll assess your current infrastructure and will recommend suitable solutions that can fill in those gaps.

Our process

We can perform Demo and POC processes that can fully demonstrate the showcased features and highlight specific custom use-cases in a real life environment.


We can assist you with the implementation process and maintenance services post-implementation.


Total visibility for your API and messaging activities and transferred data

Prevent API attacks through patented AI technology that baselines legitimate behavior and identifies attackers in real time during reconnaissance to prevent them from advancing.

Bridge the gap between security and development teams with detailed API vulnerability remediation insights so they can understand risk and efficiently prioritize fixes to eliminate risk at the source in the API. Empower the security team to resolve incidents rapidly with automated prevention, detection and response

Granular policy for all activities on messaging platforms (e.g. IM or file sharing) controlling external and internal traffic. Define policies for specific team channels, groups or base them on communication participants (external, internal or guest).

Audio and Video analysis on recorded meetings for DLP and discovery needs. Transcript all recorded meetings to audio, Make meeting Searchable using eDiscovery, Inspect meeting audio and video content by DLP policies, Smart DLP incidents with link to video and transcript time.

Real time scanning of all content before it reaches end user devices. Prevent security threats that exploit the human nature factor.

Dynamically restrict usage and visualization of data based on the file’s classification and the user’s current location, device, and security clearance – even automatically encrypting it if the data leaves the safety of the corporate file system.

Locate sensitive data (PII, PHI, IP, etc.) using a single set of rules for one or multiple environments and automatically classify it based its sensitivity and your governance policies. Define who can classify or reclassify data, unlike standard metadata that can be modified by anyone with file access.

Granular security to automatically restrict access to, restrict sharing of and encrypt content based on the presence of sensitive data including PII, PHI and other confidentiality factors.

Track access to sensitive data, ensuring transparency and accountability. Dynamically add a watermark to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF documents for security and auditing purposes.

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