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Network & Infrastructure Security - DNS Security | ProVision
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What is DNS Security technology?

DNS is a core component of everyone’s daily lives on the Internet, but very few people understand how it works, or how fragile the underlying infrastructure can be. Even security professionals, who are charged with protecting an organization, often do not have a full grasp of the potential security pitfalls in DNS.


DNS is mission-critical, allowing dynamic access for anyone to any app on any network. If DNS servers go down you can no longer reach any of your vital apps or services.


Because of this importance, DNS servers have become a prime target and entry point for hackers and data exfiltration. Organizations and businesses should be making enterprise network security a top priority.

How can this technology help you?

Implement powerful protection against web attacks

Proactively protect users and the organization by applying acceptable use controls to determine if sites are malicious before users ever reach them

Protect users anytime, anywhere, whether they are on or off the organization’s network

Block malicious web resources that violate the organization’s acceptable use policy

Identify threats more effectively


Content filtering

Malware and phishing blocking

Protection against botnets

Advertisement blocking

Typo correction

Improved speed

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