RiskIQ Announces its Illuminate® Internet Intelligence Platform Delivering Tailored Security Intelligence by Lighting Up Internet Relationships | ProVision
RiskIQ Announces its Illuminate® Internet Intelligence Platform Delivering Tailored Security Intelligence by Lighting Up Internet Relationships | ProVision
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RiskIQ Announces its Illuminate® Internet Intelligence Platform Delivering Tailored Security Intelligence by Lighting Up Internet Relationships

April 8, 2021


San Francisco, CA, April 8, 2021 RiskIQ, a leader in Internet Security Intelligence, announced the launch of its RiskIQ Illuminate® Internet Intelligence Platform, the only security intelligence solution that provides a tailored view of the global internet attack surface and pinpoints security exposures most critical for an organization, all in one place.


With the entire Internet now the security perimeter, defending the extended enterprise is a global-scale challenge. Attacker tools have flooded the web, and advanced adversaries target massive vulnerabilities in ubiquitous systems used across the world. To defend their organizations, security teams need actionable security intelligence that provides a bird’s eye view of the global attack surface and shows precisely how their organization’s unique Internet relationships fit inside it.


RiskIQ Illuminate is powered by the company’s Internet Intelligence Graph, built by assembling, labeling, and storing real-world observations over more than ten years. This real-time map of the web pre-computes the deep digital relationships that make up the global attack surface. By layering investigative capabilities over the graph, the RiskIQ Illuminate Platform delivers actionable intelligence that gives CISOs visibility and control amid a chaotic and unpredictable threat landscape.


With RiskIQ Illuminate, security intelligence evolves as fast as threat actors do because it’s fortified with trillions of observations of both an organization’s unique attack surface and threat groups and their tools and tactics. This real-time data gives security leaders, researchers, analysts, and teams on-the-ground visibility into their digital presence from every angle to understand how they’re being targeted. This context prioritizes the most critical exposures, future-proofs security programs against emerging threats, and optimizes precious security resources.


“Working closely with our Global 2000 clients and over 100,000 community members, we saw an opportunity to solve one of the most difficult cybersecurity problems at Internet-scale,” said RiskIQ Chief Product Office Dean Coza. “Instead of shining a light on the problem one vulnerability or breach at a time, RiskIQ Illuminate flips the switch and brings the entire global attack surface to light, all at once.”


This real-time intelligence derived from both the enterprise attack surface and adversary infrastructure is key to prioritizing, analyzing, and triaging the new breed of pervasive, massive-scale threats currently wreaking havoc on the global community. RiskIQ Illuminate delivers four types of intelligence that can immediately help modern security operations fight back:


Attack Surface Intelligence: RiskIQ Illuminate connects digital relationships that show who is attacking you, your assets at risk, and your most critical exposures across your digital ecosystem.


Security Operations Intelligence: Reputation scoring and one-click lookups across the open Internet and deep and dark web remove the guesswork from threat intelligence. Security teams can increase value across their ecosystem of people, processes, and technology via flexible APIs, apps, and integrations with more than 100 security products and service providers.


Third-Party Intelligence: RiskIQ’s view of the global attack surface—the good, bad, and everything in between—enables customers to identify risks within other digital footprints, including organizations and institutions, partners, peers, vendors, and more. Continuous discovery allows dynamic risk and reputation scoring for the most actionable intelligence across the digital supply chain.


Cyber Threat Intelligence: RiskIQ’s global view of adversary infrastructure exceeds what is currently possible with traditional threat intelligence approaches, presenting new ways to detect, hunt, and respond to advanced adversaries—including top APT actors and widely used tools leveraged by all adversaries. RiskIQ Iluminate Cyber Threat Intelligence enables automated response, deep investigations, and board and CISO-level context.


Illuminating Internet Relationships

RiskIQ Illuminate is where cyber threats and critical asset intelligence converge to connect digital relationships for customers’ Internet ecosystems. Mapping these relationships was recently highlighted as a core strength of RiskIQ’s technology by Forrester. In March, the research firm named RiskIQ a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q1 2021.


The Forrester report cited RiskIQ Illuminate’s ability to uncover global infrastructure and notes, “[RiskIQ] excels in uncovering infrastructure masquerading as a brand and, via its managed service, has a robust takedown service, relieving clients of adding headcount.” The report also states, “RiskIQ offers extensive tracking of both threat and friendly infrastructure.”


The launch of RiskIQ Illuminate is the latest in a rollout of new intelligence capabilities from RiskIQ. The company recently introduced a powerful Threat Intelligence Portal featuring daily attack surface threat intelligence on global, industry, and local threats. These insights help analysts detect and investigate suspicious and malicious indicators affecting their organization with recommended actions. RiskIQ has curated threat intelligence from open and closed sources, including actual real-time attacks observed in the RiskIQ Global Collection Network, which spans over 2,500 observation points for attacks globally.


RiskIQ Illuminate also builds on the momentum generated by RiskIQ’s PassiveTotal platform, which saw users increase by 37,299, or 40%, in 2020. This hypergrowth was fueled by new integrations and significant improvements to RiskIQ’s one-of-a-kind data sets. RiskIQ’s community of users now stands at over 100,000, each of which contributes intelligence that adds to the company’s community defense model.


“As you use Illuminate and claim your attack surface, you are making the Internet safer for all by tracking down adversaries and removing footholds attackers can use against you, your partners, and your customers,” said RiskIQ CEO Lou Manousos. “We are very excited to be opening up our platform and allowing defenders to leverage our visibility into global threats and exposures.”


“We believe this groundbreaking, innovative approach has leapfrogged several current state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions and can fundamentally transform External Attack Surface Management, Threat Intelligence, and Third-Party Risk markets,” Coza said. “RiskIQ Illuminate leaves attackers no place to hide.”


Join RiskIQ for the Launch

RiskIQ will formally unveil the Iluminate Platform at a special launch event on April 13th at 9 a.m. PT featuring a live CISO roundtable, technical deep-dives, and keynotes from RiskIQ CEO Lou Manousos and Chief Product Office Dean Coza. Reserve your seat today.