SIEM - Provision Software
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Security Information and Event Management

Aggregate data from multiple sources and correlate activity, alert on triggering events for further investigation, and ensure compliance with retention of data and creation of reports.

SIEM software has often been used for data reports and malware protection, but its algorithms can also help investigate attacks by recording additional information about security events. It pulls data from all the devices and normalizes it so administrators can analyze typical use patterns. This is more effective than signature-based antivirus software because it cuts down the time admins must spend wading through data logs and alerts.

Additionally, SIEM software identifies malicious activity within the organization by comparing typical network or user behaviors. It also finds unnecessarily encrypted traffic. SIEM tools can figure out where an attack came from and identify the attack targets.

SIEM software is mostly used by large organizations and public companies, where compliance to regulations remains a strong factor in the use of this technology, according to analysts.