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The world wide web continues to be a main way of using the internet and almost everyone interacts with it on a daily basis, from a computer or from a mobile device. Consequently it is also one of the most used paths by malicious actors, the area of unwanted or harmful elements potentially delivered via it being very large – malware, addware, trojans, viruses, bots, ransomware, are among these.


The need to provide security and protection against the threats potentially carried by the web traffic quickly became obvious, since the times when the web became ubiquitous, and solutions such as the secure web gateways are a traditional way of achieving this. This type of web security solutions allowed gaining also some additional benefits, when considering the fact that the web became quickly an integral part of the working place, by limiting the potential productivity loss which results from stray web browsing during work time.


There are also additional solutions addressing the web traffic security, some of them recently gaining popularity, such as the remote browser isolation, the automated bots protection or solutions which address the website supply-chain attacks through third party code area. As one may notice, both ends of the web traffic path – the end user and the web server – are taken care of.

Provision is a long time established value added distributor in the Web Security solutions area, partnering with some of the most prestigious vendors.

We invite you to explore further our solutions portfolio in this area !

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