Security Operations - SIEM | ProVision
Security Operations - SIEM | ProVision
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What is SIEM technology?

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management, and is a system that is used to detect, prevent and resolve all cyberattacks while centralizing all the security events from every device within a network. The first function of a SIEM is gathering all the raw security data from companies’ firewalls, wireless access points, servers, and personal devices. The SIEM doesn’t just log events, but is customized to detect suspicious activity and recognize actual threats.


More sophisticated and stealthy cyber attacks. The complexity of technology and the difficulty with identifying attacks. The long delay in discovering security breaches by security teams.

How can this technology help you?

Correlate data from any source in real time to detect incidents before they become a breach.

Resolve issues faster: Answer who did what? Where? When? And how?

Collect, store, and analyze any event from any source and anytime

Generate compliance reports for PCI, SOX, and IT Governance


Quickly detecting and identifying security events is just one of the many features that makes SIEM, an excellent tool for businesses and IT departments.

Some of the potential benefits of SIEM as a service include:

Increased efficiency

Reducing the impact of security events

Better reporting, log collection, analysis and retention

IT compliance

Preventing potential security breaches

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