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What is SOC Automation technology? 

SOAR (Security Operations Automation & Response) systems are designed for two major operations – the first is to monitor and detect security incidents. The second is to automate the process of remediating them.


SOC automation occurs when a Security Operations Center automates aspects of their cybersecurity defense such as detection, investigation, and response. One of the more common types of SOC automation is via SOAR (security orchestration automation and response).


Many organizations struggle to realize the automation benefits SOARs were designed to deliver.


SOARs can struggle to execute monitoring and detection. The result is a system that has a massive volume of alerts that are fed to it, and never make it to the remediation phase where automation is meant to provide the expected result.


Organizations that have invested in SOAR are often left with Engineering teams struggling to write rules, playbooks and scripts instead of focusing in the defense of their environment.


Most SOCs face a lack of manpower which makes it overwhelming, if not impossible, to handle the number of alerts the SOC sees each day.

How can this technology help you?

A SOC Automation solution can address the monitoring and threat detection challenges that SOARs have not properly addressed.


By automating aspects of the SOC, the team of security analysts can focus on complex threats and not waste time on benign alerts or known threats. Known threats can be quickly resolved by automating the response process.


The solutions can deploy in a matter of days and analyze all the security events from the sensor infrastructure already in place, to find the few, real incidents that need to be responded to.


The implementations of such system will primarly reduce the alerts clogging up the SOAR implementation.


All is done out-of-the-box without playbook writing, coding, rule writing or ongoing maintenance.


Often based on Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and Machine Learning ( ML ) algorithms, the solutions can learn as it goes, autonomously monitoring, analyzing and escalating incidents to surface only those which require further attention.

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