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Cloud Security - CSPM | ProVision
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What is CSPM Technology?

CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) Technology refers to a set of tools, that help cloud computing environment users to adapt and practice security and compliance.


These tools reduce the risk to cloud computing environments by automatically checking them against compliance and security violations and provide the steps necessary to remedy the situations.


The cloud is programmable, constantly growing and evolving with new resources and services and features new technologies that may be outside the expertise of an internal IT team. Additionally, enterprise cloud environments are becoming so large and complex that IT staff often have difficulty managing these environments effectively. It’s very easy to make a permission error or lose track of key assets.


One simple misconfiguration can expose an organization’s most sensitive data, leading to devastating financial and reputational consequences.

How can this technology help you?

The key to the effectiveness of CSPM is continuous monitoring. This help enterprises identify the distance between security policies and actual security posture on a rolling basis.


By continuously checking for security or policy violations, CSPM tools can identify misconfigurations and other problems before attackers have the chance to exploit them.


CSPM tools may also be used to remediate these issues as quickly as possible, reducing vulnerabilities and increasing compliance


Policy or security violations commonly uncovered by CSPM include the following:

Permission errors

Publicly exposed data storage


Lack of encryption

Infrequent encryption key rotation

Lack of multi-factor authentication

Today’s Cloud Security Posture Management tools have use cases within DevOps Integrations, compliance management, risk assessment, incident response, incident visualization etc. These tools help organizations assess risk, limit misconfigurations and ensure that their existing cloud environments align with best practices within the field of cloud security.

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