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What is Data Access Governance?

Refers to manner in which we govern access to our data.


Deploying a Data Security Platform into your environment is a must, allowing you to discover, label and classify your data, get detailed analysis and alerts on user behavior and secure the access rights by reviewing permissions to your data.


Risk assessments

Large amount of data

Discovering and classifying sensitive data

Implementing privacy policies

Setting up access controls and monitoring access to critical assets

How can this technology help you?

Understand exactly where your sensitive data is stored and how much of this data is kept outside of a secure dedicated location. This clarity will help you prioritize your data access governance efforts.

Discover which sensitive data is at risk. Determine where your sensitive data is and why it is sensitive. Tag, classify and score that data based on the content.

Find out who has access to your data and how it was granted, so that you can ensure proper data access governance. Ensure that only eligible users have access to sensitive data across your organisation and revoke all excessive or otherwise inappropriate access rights.

Find out what your users are doing with your data and whether the changes they are making are affecting your security.

Detect privilege escalation attempts across your IT environment.

Get instant notifications and alerts when potentially harmful changes are being made.

Continuously review effective permissions and constantly validate that all access rights to sensitive data are in line with applicable data protection regulations, job descriptions and employee roles in the company.


Gain visibility into data access

Reduce data access risk

Make data consistent

Improve data quality and accuracy

Maximize the use of data to make decisions

Improve business planning and financial performance

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