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What is Data Discovery?

Describes the process for collecting data from various sources by detecting patterns and outliers and apply it practically to generate real business value.


Every organisation creates and collects more data than ever before:

Financial information

Proprietary information

Employee and customer information

Sensitive data is everywhere, from file servers and databases to data warehouses and data lakes, both on-prem and cloud-based— stored on or flowing between local machines, networks, mobile devices and the Cloud. A single sensitive information may be stored in multiple repositories.


Data protection starts with identification.

How can this technology help you?

Finding personal and sensitive data quickly, accurately and completely

Data discovery is fundamental because it ``guides`` exactly what and where protection should be applied.


The capability to discover and analyze patterns and trends within data sets enables businesses to remain competitive, meet business goals and remain relevant in the digital era.

Data discovery improves the decision-making process, boosts growth strategies and customer experience.

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