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Data Security - Secure Collaboration | ProVision
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Why Secure Collaboration?

Secure collaboration solutions integrate with hundreds of enterprise applications and enable centralized management of provisioning, files, security and policies.


Collaborators can save time by commenting on and assigning tasks within files, streaming files from the cloud to desktops and accessing content from mobile devices.

Why is needed

Secure Collaboration enables far-flung partners to work together on documents and document-centric processes, yet simultaneously increase data security, compliance and governance. Give users the same simple experience for secure collaboration that they understand from consumer cloud collaboration apps, and add graceful transitions to and from secure email collaboration modes. Raise security to the highest level, locking down access, enforcing granular permissions, delegating authority, enforcing compliance and fostering governance through total visibility and user experience simplicity.


They are secure

Data security is, understandably, one of the biggest concerns amongst business owners, particularly in organisations where large amounts of sensitive data are being handled on a daily basis.


Flexible work environments are now one of the top priorities amongst workers,  which is why forward-thinking businesses are looking to create modern, accessible workplaces that can cater to all types of employee and offers a better work-life balance.


With collaboration software, employees with access can simply log in to the tool at any time and from anywhere in the world, making it much easier to communicate with co-workers when working remotely. Not only does this create a more flexible working environment, but it also saves people both time and money in commuting to work or travelling for business meetings.


There are tools for almost everything these days, which is why many workplaces find themselves inundated with a long list of tools which either do not get used properly or are not really necessary.


With a collaboration software, everything you need can be found in one, neat package, giving you access to a wide range of work tools from a singular platform. There is no need to keep logging in and out of various tools throughout the day, saving time and effort.


With many people working on a project at any given time, tracking changes to documents can become difficult, particularly when carried out in the traditional sense, via email.


However, with document collaboration, work can be edited easily by team members assigned to specific tasks, and changes can be tracked in real-time. This means that more than one person can work on a document at any time, making teamwork much more efficient.


Moreover, a full audit trail is able to log all interactions via the collaborative workspace, meaning you can see which team members have made a particular change and at what time, providing full transparency.


According to research, collaboration tools increase team efficiency by 20%.

Information can be accessed at a greater speed, which helps reduce the time spent on admin-related tasks and searching for important documents, which the average employee spends 1.8 hours a day doing.

Workers can instead focus their efforts on the most valuable work which brings the greatest profit to the business.


Email is certainly the most popular method of communication in the majority of businesses, with the average office worker checking their inbox 36 times an hour. However, despite its ease of use, having email as your main source of communication is not without its drawbacks. With many employees sharing sensitive company data over email, it is easy for a breach to take place.

With cloud collaboration tools incorporating stringent security measures, this risk is greatly reduced.

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    Secure exchange

    At last, you can share everything in one secure space.

    Today, the job market is increasingly delocalized. Accessing information useful to your business, at any time and in any place, has become a necessity. Without having to compromise, accessibility is no longer a threat to your security.



    of government agencies have employed people who have tried to transmit unauthorized data externally.



    of data traffic, a few years from now, will be transferred from mobile devices to cloud spaces, bypassing company controls.



    of mobile users are unaware of good security practice and the sensitivity of data archived on their devices.

    Protected mail

    Communicate in total security with your contacts.

    E-mails are a communication method with little security. To be able to use them daily, without making any changes to your routine nor compromising on maximum protection, exist the tehnology to e-mail encryption system.

    Now you can exchange sensitive information in encrypted mode and revoke access authorization even after sending.



    of business partners are a source of risk for shared company data



    of SMEs have been the victims of hacking



    of the IT security budget will soon be allocated to immediate response solutions to cyberattacks

    Under control

    Classify and protect data, even from registered users.

    Even the most simple of enterprises requires collaboration between different people. Data and documents are exposed to risk both externally and within a work group. However, you can have maximum control of data and data access. A small choice that makes a big difference.



    is the percentage growth in cybercrime over the past year



    of employers and employees use private devices in the working environment, without protection



    of workers archive sensitive corporate data on personal smartphones and tablets

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